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Christian Film Festival 29 Aug - 30 Sep 2018


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  • July 22

    (I'm "Pentecostal" btw.  It's inverted commas because, really, we're one church, one body of Christ.)

    Here's the pre-festival screenings = >

    Here's the programme =>

    I'm interested in these films:-
    - Bending the Arc
    - Keeper
    - Love and Bananas
    - Mr Frog
    - The Case for Christ

    (I'm actually also keen on The Prayer and Maria's story but time does not permit...)

    Anyways, interesting fodder for meaningful conversations.  Wonderful if there are likeminded brothers and sisters keen too.

  • NORELLE853

    August 16

    Thanks for the update.. looks interesting.

  • September 3

    Thanks for the heads up about this. I didn’t know of such an event here.

  • DENISE163

    September 11

    Let me know the date

  • September 11

    Thanks Zoe!

  • ANA549

    September 16

    Where will this be held?:)

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