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The 2 types of Righteousness

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  • WWW680

    January 11

    Philippians 3:9

    not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith.

    There are 2 types of righteousness, man’s self-righteousness and the righteousness from God.

    If a true Christian do not have consciousness or know but do not believe he/she is made righteous by the righteousness from Jesus, they should experience the following;
    1) Always feel that they are falling short of God’s standard
    2) Believe that God is punishing them when bad things happen
    3) Not close to God
    4) Lacking in faith
    5) Unstable Christian walk
    6) Always falling back into sin
    7) Always in the cycle of sinning and repentance
    8) Easy targets for Satan’s accusations and condemnation
    9) Feel stressful living as a Christian
    10) Always falling sick
    11) Always feeling depressed
    12) Feeling happy and expecting God to bless them when they do something right

    If a true Christian knows and believe that he/she is made righteous by receiving Jesus’ righteousness as a free-gift, they should experience the following;
    1) No longer conscious of their failings but conscious of God’s constant provision
    2) Believe that God always lift them up whenever they fall
    3) God is always out to bless them
    4) God is always close to them even when they fail
    5) Strong faith in God for all things including weakness and failings
    6) Sin less frequently
    7) Satan’s accusations and condemnation no longer have any effect on them
    8) Always feeling blessed and joyful to be a Christian
    9) Stronger health leading to less frequent sickness
    10) Does not depend on good works to be right with God

    Ultimately, both type of Christian are saved as long as they put their trust in Jesus and his finished work. But the quality of life and relationship with God is differs. The fruits produced by both are different, one is of dead works and the other is of the spirit.

    So which type of Christian are you?

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