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The footstep of Jesus

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  • October 13

    1.  Bethlehem,city of David.Judaea  Mary and Jesus,the miracle baby. (Luke)

    1.  Bethlehem,city of David.Judaea.Angel of the Lord bring Gospel to the Shepherds.

    1. Galilee,Nazareth.Angel Gabriel sent from God to Mary from Nazareth,a city of Galilee.(Luke)

    1.  Bethleham. City of  Judaea.(John)  Zechariah the priest and wife Elizabeth, giving birth son John the Baptist. (Luke)

    2.   Jerusalem. Baby Jesus is presented to God. 8 days old. (Luke)

    2.   Jerusalem.  Simeon had seen the Lord's Christ (Luke)

    2.   Jerusalem.  Boy Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem when He was 12 years old. (Luke)

    3.   Judean Wilderness. Jesus is tempted in wilderness. (Luke)

    4.   Jordan River.  Jesus is baptised by John. (Luke, John)

    5.  Galilee,Cana.  Jesus changes water into wine at a wedding in Cana. (John)

    6.   Jerusalem. Jesus explains to Nicodemus about being born again. (John)

    11. Jacob's Well. The Samaritan Woman. (John) Jesus departed Judea into Galilee  go through Samaria.

    City of Samaria called Sychar.

    6.  Nazareth. Jesus is rejected in His own hometown, Nazareth. (Luke)

    6.  Galilee, Cana, A noble man son was sick in Capernaum.Was healed.Jesus went from Judae to Galilee.2nd miracle performed by Jesus. (John)

    7.  Jerusalem. Bethesda. Sheep market pool. Jesus healed a man infirmity 38 years on Sabbath day. (John)

    7.  Galilee. Jesus went over sea of Galilee, the sea of Tiberias. He went up to mountain.Feeds 5000 men. (John)

    5.  Bethsaida. Jesus feeds the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. (John)

    5.  Bethsaida.  Jesus walks on water. (John)

    7.  Galilee.  Jesus heals the crippled woman to stop her suffering and to show it is ok to do good on Sabbath. (Luke)

    12.  Galilee,Cana.  Jesus calls disciples to follow Him. (John)

    4.  Capernaum. Jesus is accepted and heals many in Carpenaum. (Luke)

    4..  Capernaum.  Jesus removes evil spirit, heals Simon's mother in law and many others.

    4.  Capernaum. Jesus heals the man with leprosy,skin disease. (Luke)

    4.  Capernaum.  Jesus forgives and heals the paralysed man brought by 4 friends. (Luke)

    6.  Jerusalem. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath.It is lawful to do good on Sabbath. (Luke)

    6.  Jerusalem. Jesus forgives a woman caught in adultery. (John)

    6.   Jerusalem.  Jesus is the good Shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep. The sheep Pen (John)

    6.   Jerusalem.  Disease and hardships allow God to display His work in a person's life. (John)

    6.   Jerusalem.  Jesus opened the blind man's spiritual eyes, and he believed that Jesus was God. (John)

    8.   Jericho.  The parable of the minas ( talent) eternal rewards. (Luke)

    9.   Bethany. The good Samaritan. (Luke)

    9.  Bethany. Mary and Marta. (Luke)

    9.  Bethany.  Mary and Marta were comforted when Jesus brought their brother back to life.(John)

    10.  Galilee.  The foolish rich man. (Luke)

    10.  Galilee.  The ready Servant. Stay dress for action and keeps your lamps burning. (Luke)

    10.  Galilee.  Jesus encourages use money in ways that please God. No one can serve both money and God. (Luke)

    10.   Galilee.  Parable of the shrewed manager. (Luke)

    10.  Galilee.  Rich man and Lazarus. (Luke)

    10.  Galilee.  Jesus cares about people and seek to bring them to God. (Luke)

    10.  Galilee. The lost son and the lost coin. (Luke)

    10.   Galilee.  Jesus tells His host to invite the poor,crippled and blind to the banquet. (Luke)

    13.  Judean- eastern Jordan river. Question from Pharisees - test Jesus knowledge. Families - wanted

           Jesus help. A young man - to be sure he would get to Heaven.Disciples - followed Jesus

            everywhere.Jesus loves the children. (Matthew)

    15.  Border of Galilee and Samaria. 10 lepers met Jesus  on the way Jesus going to Jerusalem. (Luke)

    15.  Border of Galilee and Samaria. Jesus demonstrates Faith Full. (Luke)

    15.  On the way to Jerusalem. Jesus' parable workers in the vineyard. Zebedee's mum request.True greatness (Matthew)

    7.    Jerusalem entrance.  Jesus curses a fig tree, Parable of 2 sons. No repentance.Parable of wicked tenants. ( Matthew)

    7.   Jerusalem entrance.  The people waved palm branches and shouted, " Hosanna! ". (Matthew)

    7.   Jericho.  Zachaeus, the short tax collector was forgiven by Jesus. (Luke)

    8.   Jerucho.  Jesus stopped on the way to Jerusalem and healed a blind beggar. (Luke)

    7.    Jerusalem entrance. Jesus cleanses the Temple. (Matthew)

    6.   Jerusalem. Jesus clears the temple in Jerusalem. (John)

    2.   Temple Courts. The poor widow gave all she had to God. (Luke)

    2.  Temple Courts. Jesus amazes everyone with His insights into the Scripture. The religious leaders challenged. Jesus'  authority and asked trick questions,but Jesus was too wise to be trapped.(Luke)

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