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  • AMELIA405

    August 4, 2017

    I prayed regularly at christian apps, websites.  I get recommendations to get help/knowledge from certain people of God, names I've never heard in Singapore.

    I felt being a Christian, we should learn more from sources outside Singapore.  In 2014, i accepted Christ again at Lighthouse Church.

    I could feel the holy spirit entering my body.  Senior church members told me, you could feel tinging, its the holy spirit.

    2015, i shared my woes, my unfortunate strings of encounters. My mom's cousin recommended YouTube Apostle Tim, maybe he could help me. He posts prayers and uses tongues to pray.  I watched and prayed with many of his youtube videos.  Felt better, lots better.

    So many preachers, healers on YouTube,  internet, how to figure out which is real, which are cons.

    Actually many christian acquaintances love asking me this question.  

    When i watch Apostle Tim's videos i could feel my holy spirit reacting in my body, that's how i know apostle tim is not fake.

    Months later, I started getting curious about fasting.  I seeked some advice.

    One day in July 2015, the Lord wanted me to start fasting on that very day.  He spiritually downloaded that instruction into my mind.  I obeyed and fasted, prayed with Apostle Tim's prayer videos.  The holy spirit inside started to vibrate vigorously, it was too strong, i passed out on my bed.

    I was exhausted by the spiritual reactions of my holy spirit inside.  When i passed out, the Lord spoke to me.  Omg, I heard his voice loud and clear.  It was short and sweet.  I woke up elated.

    I was just a below average person, with no permanent church, job, friends.

    Because the bible said Jesus only talk or appear infront of good people.

    I grew up hearing some negative feedback about me being bad.

    It was like an assurance from the Lord that I'm not evil.

    Now i know why, in revelations John fell when he met Jesus.

    I never attended bible classes, my knowledge was limited.  Jesus saw my desire in being a Christian.  He helped me when i needed help, guiding me,

    I tried many types of fasting which was spiritually good.

    Then i come across names, Thurman scrivner and Mary K Baxter.

    My holy spirit react to them. I listen to some of Thurman scrivner's audio sermons,  it was spiritually too advanced for me.

    Mary K Baxter has YouTube videos and books on Heaven, Hell, Angels and demons.

    Apostle Tim, Thurman scrivner and Mary K Baxter,  the Lord led me to them to learn and answer some doubts and questions that had been bugging me.  Huge enlightenment.  Years of unanswered questions nearly all answered.  I gradually built a rapport with my holy spirit and the Lord, at my own pace, my own style.  Like I said I've no church.  The pace of churches are too slow. I'm in my late 30s, the pace was way too slow.  I was attacked by demons.  On and off when my spiritual level is low, i could see the true form of demons in daylight.  All different.  When young, when my heart was purest, i encountered angel who had taken a different form, not with wings.  Another angel encounter was when my love was deepest and most strong, the angel taken another form.  Now at this point, you might know why i couldn't be at a church long.  Demons are a sensitive topic to most christians.  Most said it was because of my sins.  Maybe i have spiritual gifts.  Mary K Baxter shared that demons not only targeted the unrepentant sinners but also the gifted and the holy ones.  Some are attacked while still a foetus.

    I did ask many christians questions or shared my encounters.  I gotten doubts, confusion and silence from them.  Some thinks I'm a liar or attention seeker.  I even refer them to links of Apostle Tim's videos,  Thurman scrivner and Mary K Baxter.  They resisted knowledge from sources outside their church.  Skepticism might delay their spiritual growth.  It's their choice and my fault of not doing a good job as a Christian.

    August 4, 2017 updated by AMELIA405

  • PHILIP936

    March 12, 2018

    God bless......:)

    March 12, 2018 updated by PHILIP936

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