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  • Is Christian Singles Singapore exclusively for singles?

    Yes. But that doesn't mean Christian Singles Singapore is exclusively for dating. Our mission is to connect Christian singles for love, friendship and fellowship.

  • What do I need to access Christian Singles Singapore?

    We're not picky — any recent pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone will do. However, we don't support Opera Mini/Mobile, and you may also encounter issues if you're using Christian Singles Singapore on a legacy Blackberry device.

  • How do you calculate match percentages?

    It's a secret! Well, sort of. We could lift the veil a little bit. First of all, match questions play a big part. If you answer those questions truthfully, you'll quickly notice an improvement of your matches. Also, your saved search query is important. For instance, if you're looking for someone local, singles living nearby will get a higher match percentage. It's also important to note that our match algorithm works both ways. We not only look at your preferences, but also the preferences of your match. Since someone might totally fit your criteria, but if that feeling is not mutual, a high match percentage wouldn't make sense. So, at Christian Singles Singapore you can be certain a high match percentage is mutual — which is nice to know.

  • What are your membership fees?

    Currently it's free! We just launched our application, and the first 500 pioneers who join Christian Singles Singapore get a free subscription for the duration of one whole year. So join now, while it lasts! And afterwards? We'll have a reasonable membership plan. And our membership will be hassle-free. That's a promise. Because we're not here to get rich — we're doing this to serve God and our fellow Christians.

  • I don't live in Singapore, can I still join?

    Most probably not, I'm afraid. This is a dating site for Singapore singles only. Their focus is on meeting someone local, and attending local Christian activities. We might make an exception in some cases, and if you believe to be such an exception, feel free to contact us and explain your situation to us.